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Steam & shower caps


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Comfort over your head
100% Satin
A variety of colors

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Two products in one.

You can use this cap as a shower cap and also as a steam cap.

Protects special outfits while the hair is wet or in treatment

 How Heat Damages the Hair

  1. Water leave the hair shaft at 50 – 120 degrees
  2. Hair proteins begin to break at 155 c (311 F)
  3. When temperature is over 233 c (451 F) the hair’s Keratin begins to melt.
  4. Heat reduce the moisture content in the hair and disrupts the protein structure
  5. IF YOU ARE CONSTANTLY USING Flat-iron, Blow dryer, hair dryer and electric steaming caps the hair permanently loss of protein and moisture bonds in the hair to the hair shaft.
  6. Think about you’re as a plant in a pot (example) your hair is in the hair shaft and you keep pouring hot water in a plant, the constantans use of hot water will kill the plant, therefore, the same can happen to your hair.
  7. We have invented a steam and shower cap, two in one cap where you can steam your hair with your favorite deep condition and move around, your body built up a natural heat and give you a proper steam, then next morning you will spin it over the cap will turn into a Shower cap. As seen in the video.

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Baby Pink, Black, Moss Green, Orange Twist, Purple rain, Sky blue


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