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Satin Bonnets


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Enhances and protects the beauty of natural hair – 100% Satin

Our Satin Baby Bonnets are made with high-quality standards using fine fabrics

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The Benefit of Charmeuse Satin

Benefits for your skin and hair: Both satin pillowcases provide benefits to your skin and hair through reduced friction. This reduces split ends in your hair, pulling on your facial skin and both diminish crease wrinkles in the face. However, because silk is a natural protein, this also provides additional benefits. Satin pillowcases are often recommended by dermatologists to be beneficial to your skin and hair Natural Satin is a very good thermal insulator, helping you to stay cooler during the summer months and warmer during the winter months, which supports healthy skin. Last, Satin is naturally hypoallergenic and is resistant to mold, mildew, fungus and dust mites.

Medical professionals recommend Satin Bonnets or Pillowcase for Cancer patients to prevent hair loss and to soothe the scalp

1. for added protection, sleep on a satin pillowcase. If your scarf or bonnet happens to slip off at night, your satin pillowcase will become the next line of protection against dry, frizzy, snagged hair. Even if your scarf or bonnet stays on at night, sleeping on a satin pillowcase on top of that can do wonders for retaining moisture in your hair at night.

2. Purchase a better quality satin bonnet or pillow case. Not all satin bonnets and pillows are created equal. Some are constructed from very thin and poor quality fabrics and threads. What is considered a good quality satin? Well, first let me explain that the word “satin” is used to describe the type of weave. There are “satin” polyesters and “satin” charmeuse, for example. Among the polyesters, “charmeuse satin” (or, sometimes called “satin charmeuse“) is a smoother, better quality weave for the hair. Purchasing a “charmeuse satin” scarf or bonnet is a good investment. Also, look for adjustable bonnets (as opposed to purely elastic ones) for better stay at night.

3. Better yet, get Satin adjustable bonnet or pillow case. Satin is a much better material for the hair than polyester. When searching for Satin Pillow case or bonnets, look for those that say “charmeuse satin” (or, sometimes called “Satin charmeuse“). This type of weave is the most luxurious of all the weaves.

4. If you suffer from dry hair, turn on the humidifier while wearing a Satin Bonnet. The humidifier can provide extra vapor in the air thus creating a moisturizing environment for your hair while you sleep.

Each bonnet is double-lined and reversible allowing more wear between washes. It’s like getting two bonnets in one!

All of the accessories come in different patterns and colors so you can find ones that fit your personal style.

The accessories are made of Charmeuse satin, a lightweight fabric that is soft, yet durable enough to be machine-washed (care instructions are attached to each bonnet). Satin is a suggested protective material because it helps retain moisture you install into your hair and prevent damaging rubbing while you sleep.

The bonnets and shower caps are over-sized and will hold more hair than traditional sized ones that often require you to stuff your hair in them causing styles/curls to flatten. In these bonnets and shower

caps, your curls still have room to move. (There are also child-sized bonnets available to keep your princess’ curls healthy and protected.)

The pillowcases are over-sized as well, so your king-sized pillows will fit into them. And, if you have a hard time keeping that bonnet, a satin pillowcase is ideal for you to ensure your hair is protected all night long.

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