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Enhances and protects the beauty of natural hair – 100% Satin

Our headwraps are made with high-quality standards using fine fabrics


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Headwraps Unique & colorful designs

The Origin of the Head wrap

The head wrap originated in Africa, and was often used to convey modesty, spirituality and prosperity. Even men in Africa wear head wraps to symbolize wealth and social status. Head wrapping is literally a way that African’s for centuries have been able to non-verbally communicate their place in life. The head wrap of a woman walking down the street will tell you if she’s a widow, a grandmother, or if she’s a married or single young woman. It’s an element in the daily living of an African woman. Head wraps also serve a practical function in protecting the head from the rays of the sun, In Africa and all over the world.

Fabrics matter. Silk wraps are best for protecting your hair, but this fabric is often too soft and flimsy for styling. Cotton and polyester wraps are best for styling, though the material could potentially damage your hair if it is use often or a prolong length of time.High-quality fabric and manufactured headbands
Hand wash or Machine with cold water with similar colors, Hang to dry. Iron on the opposite side of the pattern.
All Headwraps are a large rectangular scarf approx. 75 x 20 inches

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Ancient Simbols1124, Chocolate-Headwrap800, Head-WrapChocolate-Fever800, Head-Wrap-Margue-800, Head-Wrap-Sky-Blue-and-Gray, Head-WrapTiger-Blast800, Head-Wrap-Tiger-Rolls800, Head-WrapYellow-and-Purple8, Makeda113, Makeda114, Makeda115, Makeda116, Makeda116, Makeda117, Makeda118, Makeda119, Makeda120, Makeda121, Makeda122, Makeda123, Yellow & Black 1122, Pink & Orange 1125, Multi Ankara 1126


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