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Long Bonnet

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Enhances and protects the beauty of afro hair – 100% Satin



The Cotton Candy Long Bonnet brings comfort to long afro hair head, braided or locked.


  • Afro hair protection
  • Afro hair beauty enhancement
  • Protects your hairstyle while sleeping
  • Prevents hair loss and hairy pillows
  • Protects special outfits while the hair is wet or in treatment

Locs and Braids

Enhances and protects the beauty of afro hair, It also helps to cover your Locs with a satin Bonnet before bed. The covering minimizes friction between your locks and the pillow, which minimizes frizz. The covering also help keeps lint and pet fur at bay. Our company manufacture a satin pocket (long Bonnet) made especially for long braids and dreadlocks, so your hair can hang free in a little satin cocoon while you sleep. It’s much more comfortable than a scarf or wrap.


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